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                  Famous  stamp collectors

Since the issuance of the Penny Black, the first postage stamp in 1840, people have

collected stamps. Stamp collecting has been called the “hobby of kings” because so

many famous individuals have been avid collectors.
a red album with a gold crest an illustration of Queen Elizabeth II an Egyptian stamp with a man on a bicycle a Smithsonian gold seal    a photo of Franklin Roosevelt with a magnifying glass  a photo of Ernest Ackerman  a photo of James Farley with a background of envelopes

King George V
Great Britain

Queen Elizabeth II,
Great Britain

King Farouk I,

Rainier III Monaco

Franklin D. Roosevelt,
U.S. President

Ernest A. Ackerman, Congressman


James Farley,
U.S. Postmaster


a light green press sheet photo of William Gross photo of John Heinmuller caricature of Charlie Chaplin black and green stylized image of John Lennon photo of Amelia Earhart with aviator goggles photo of Simon Wiesenthal

Harold Ickes, Secretary of the Interior

William Gross,
Founder, PIMCO

J. Heinmuller
Longines  Co,

Charlie Chaplin,

John Lennon, Musician

Amelia Earhart,

S. Wiesenthal,
Hunter of Nazi
 War Criminals



    Worldwide stamp catalog

 Worldwide stamp catalog and more in your own language
  Catalogo francobolli mondiale e più nella tua propria lingua
               Catálogo mundial de sellos y más en su propio idioma
  Catalogue mondial des timbres et plus dans votre propre langue
  Weltweiter Briefmarkenkatalog und mehr in Ihrer eigene  Sprache


The most rare stamps on the world

1. The Penny Red                 

The most expensive stamp Stanley Gibbons has sold is a British Penny Red, for £550,000 - not bad for a piece of paper.
It’s in really poor condition, but there are only nine in the world.The Post Office decided the printing plate was not up to scratch, so they destroyed it. But one sheet got into circulation.

2. The Penny Black         

The Penny Black is one of the world’s most iconic stamps. Because it’s the world’s first stamp, it’s very valuable.
Rare Penny Blacks are valued at tens of thousands of pounds and have increased in price for decades.

3. The British Guiana 1 Cent Magenta           

There is only one left in the world. At the time, all the colonies had to wait for stamps to arrive from the UK. The boat was delayed, and the postmaster created his own collection of stamps.This stamp was auctioned in New York for $9.5million (£6.4million). It’s in appalling condition and it was not even printed on proper Royal Mail stock.

4. The Inverted Jenny         

This American stamp was of a stunt plane and they printed it upside down. Then they realised what they had done
and recalled it.

5. The Tyrian Plum         

These stamps are valued at over £100,000. The Tyrian Plum was issued in the reign of Edward VII, but it actually
came out the day he died. It was immediately withdrawn, but a tiny handful got into the market.

6. The Roses Error      

There was a stamp from 1978 which was worth 13p and is now worth £130,000. The quirk about the stamp is the
13p did not get printed for some reason.There are only three in the world. The Queen owns two and one of our
clients owns another one.

7. The Whole Country is Red        

This modern stamp was commissioned by Chairman Mao to represent communism over the whole of China.
But by a complete error, the designer left Taiwan in white. This was massively controversial - he thought
he would be going to prison for treason. The stamp was hurriedly recalled.




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