Bible stories on Israel stamps
Mint with tabs US$ 48.00 / Mint without tabs  US$ 32
These 60 stamps and 3 souvenir sheets make a wonderful collection
 telling the Bible  stories on Israel stamps

1965 The Creation


1994 Adam and Eve


1970 The Flood


1977 The Matriarchs


1978 The Patriarch


1997 The Scrifice of Isaac 


1955-1956 The 12 Tribes


1981 Moses and Exodus


1994 The Parting of Red Sea


1951 The Ten Commandments


1958 Human Rights


1982 Josuah


1975 Judges of Israel


1960 The First Kings of Israel


1969 King David


1971 The Gates of Jerusalem


1998 King Solomon's Temple


1952 Song of Solomon


1962 Kings of Judah


1963 Prophets of Israel


  1986 Jesus Basilica of Annunciation in Nazareth

Joint stamps with Israel

Bible stories on Israel stamps

Souvenir leafs

Up to 0.99 cents stamps

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