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Famous stamp collectors

Since the issuance of the Penny Black, the first pre-paid postage stamp in 1840, people
have collected stamps. The focus and levels at which they collect differ, but, nonetheless,
all share the world’s most popular hobby. Through stamps, schoolchildren, businesspersons,
laborers, artists, and retired persons all enjoy something significant in common with royalty, entertainers, politicians, industrialists, and business giants.

Stamp collecting has been called the “hobby of kings” because so many famous individuals
have been avid collectors. Use the links provided here as gateways to the private stamp
collecting interests of these illustrious individuals.


Ernest A. Ackerman
Ernest A. Ackerman
photo of William H. Ahmanson
William H. Ahmanson
Emma Batchelor
Emma Batchelor
John R. Boker
John R. Boker
photo of George W. Brett
George W. Brett
Drawing or comic of Charlie Chaplin
Charlie Chaplin
photo of Carroll Chase
Carroll Chase
headshot of Clarence Henry Eagle
Clarence H. Eagle
Amelia Earhart standing beside pictures of stamps
Amelia Earhart
Painting of Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth II
James A. Farley surrounded by stacks of mail
James A. Farley
Raymond Gaillaguet posing with a stamp display
Raymond Gaillaguet
King George V stamp book
King George V
Photograph of William H. Gross
William H. Gross
Jascha Heifetz playing violin
Jascha Heifetz
Photograph of John P. V. Heinmuller
John P. V. Heinmuller
photo of Benjamin Homan
Benjamin H. Homan, Jr.
Wilson Hulme
W. Wilson Hulme II
photo of Morton Dean Joyce
Morton D. Joyce
photo of Marjorie and Alvin R. Kantor
Marjorie and Alvin Kantor
photo of B. Hans Lagerloef
B. Hans Lagerloef
headshot of George Ludlow Lee
George L. Lee
John Lennon as a boy
John Lennon
headshot of Benjamin B. Lipsner
Benjamin B. Lipsner
Catherine L. Manning with a stamp collecting book
Catherine L. Manning
headshot of Frederick J. Melville
Frederick J. Melville
headshot of Henry A. Meyer
Henry A. Meyer
Benjamin K. Miller sitting at a desk
Benjamin K. Miller
headshot of Baron Takaharu Mitsui
Baron Takaharu Mitsui
photo of Ernst W. Puttkammer
Ernst W. Puttkammer
Smithsonian Philatelic Achivement Award
Prince Rainier III
A stamp featuring a illistratin of Ayn Rand
Ayn Rand
Sally Ride illistration with shuttle lanch in the background
Dr. Sally Ride
Franklin D. Roosevelt examining a stamp with a magnifying glass
Franklin D. Roosevelt
headshot of Jeanette C. Rudy
Jeanette C. Rudy
Arthur and Erna Salm
Arthur Salm
headshot of George T. Turner
George T. Turner
headshot of Philip Ward
Philip H. Ward, Jr.
photo of Raymond and Roger Weill
Raymond & Roger Weill
Photograph of Simon Wiesenthal
Simon Wiesenthal