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 Festivals - Jewish New Year
In many Jewish communities, the liturgical poem "Unetaneh Tokef" is recited on Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur during the Mussaf prayer, one
of the high points of the daily ritual. The words of this poem express the essence of the Days of Jusgement and reflect the thought that the pinnacles of the holiday period at the start of the Jewish year, believes stand before God in judgement' as he reviews their deeds and determines thaeir fate for the upcoming year.

ANU - Museum of the Jewish People
The Museum of the Jewish People was founded in 1978 and according to the Beit Hatfusot Law it is "the National Center for Jewish communities in Israel and around the world" Its goal is to provide a solution to the challenges currently facting the Jewish world, bridging the gaps among various religious denominations of Judaism and between Jews in Israel and those in the Diaspora, as well as connecting Jewish youth to their Jewish identity, to the Jewish poeple and to Israel.

Israeli Achivements
The first stamp features an icon of a firewall, symbolizing cyber defense, with the devices that it protects in the backgroung from cell phones to computers. The second stamp features a map with icons that warn of trafic congestion and road work. The purple line
indicates the prefered route that will bypass
the obstructions.

Betar Centennial
Ze'ev Jabotinsky founded the Betar  Movement on December 27, 1923. 
The movement was inspired by heroism of Yosef Trumpeldor and his comrades at the battle of Tel Hai and equated it with the historic Betar, the last Jewish fort to fall in the bar Kokhba revolt againt the Romans.
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