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Last issue February 9, 2021
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Join the Eilat Philatelic Club and take advantage of the following benefits


    Open account with an initial deposit and start to reveive the new
issues at 17% below face. Incredible ! How ?
Eilat is a free tax city and you don't pay the 17% value added tax.
We make no handling charge or require minimum order or deposit.
You receive a gift of (50) commemorative Israel stamps with tabs.
Shippings are posted with complete commemorative stamp sets . 
An informative brochure is included in each new issue delivery. 
Deliveries are at our own risk and replacement is at our expense.
You have the option to get the stamps once a year
Prompt and friendly service. Full refund guaranteed for any reason.
    Shipping : The Israel Philatelic Service has five or six new issue dates a year. 
The Club makes 3 deliveries (2 issues together). Different date or once a year on request .
    Return / replacement : There is a 30-days refund guarenteed for all purchases.  When replacement we pay both ways shipment cost.
Privacy policy : EPC is committed to ensuring your privacy is completely protected.

    Ways of payments: Credit card, check and bank transfer
The first International Bank IBAN IL310.310.

  Why you pay 20%-25% more than face value if you can pay 17% less ?
Your saving can be at least 40% !!!


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