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Latest stamp news                                        Issue date 28 March 2023



International Mail from Eretz Israel : In the 1840's Israel was a far-flung and meaningless part of the ottoman Empire, with no organuzed transportation, trade or postal ties with the outside world.Foreign ships  did not dock in Eretz Israel and the only way to get anywhere in the world was to travelby land via neighoring countries. Letters from overseas came into Beirut or Alexandria, and from there private messengers broughr them to recipients

Nesher Centennial
From Teodor Herzl's vision of a city of gardens and industry, through the renowned Nesher Israel Cement Enterprises, the city of Nesher has continued to thrive and it is currently first among noerthen Israeli cities in residential and trade development. This year Nesher marks 100 years of Zionism, the love of country and the building Thereof.

Meir Har-Zion was born on 1934  His love on nature and school trips was evident even then. His writing ability was apparent in essays.
He joined the Army on 1952 and participated in numerous militry operations specially in "Jonathan operation" where he was severely injured. Because of his disabilities he left the army and built an agricultural farm He died on 2014

State of Israel - 75 Years
After the declaration of Israe State the country faced
  bitter battles with its neighbors and left Israel in a severe economic crisis.  Despite these nearly impossible initial conditions, the State of Israel succeeded not only to survive and exist, but has gone on to develop and attain a long list of noteworthy achievements on a global scale, in a wide range of fields

Memorial Day - Yom Kippur War - 50 Years
The war broke out suddenly at midday on Yom Kippur in 1973, when the Egyptian and Syrian armies simultaneously attacked IDF forces in the Sinai Desert
in the south and the Golan Heights in the north.
The state of Israel faced and existential threat, and the soldiers fought selflessly to defend it. The cheavy battles led to 2674 casualities, as well as some 10.000 injured

The State of Israel and the Republic of Cyprus enjoy close diplomatic relations that are reflected in security,
economy, energy, culture and social ties

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Three Minisheets
75th Anniversary of Israel Independence
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Issue date 7 February 2023

The    Traveler's    Prayer  is  recited  before  leaving on a long journey. Rabbai  Hisda wrote it in the third century in light of the dangers lurked along  travel  routes  at  that time.    
It  is  believed  that  prayers  are  answered  better  when  said by a group   requesting to avoid   danger and return  home safety.     
Travelar's Prayer Souvenir sheet

Five carnivoran species from various different families live in
the Mediterranean region of Israel. They are all endangered,
for a veriety of reasons:genetic contaminition, agricultural development, loss of habitats increased urbanization and outbreak due to human intervention, unlicensed garbage
dumps and feeding

The Standarts Institute of Israel is celebrating 100 years since its founding. It is an important and long-established institiution known for its high quality and professionalism
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Pioneering Women

Shoshana Shababo was born in the agriculture town Zichron Yaakov in 1910. She was a prolific writer and published more than 40 short stories, newpaper editorials and two novels

Ada Fishman Maimon was a relentless fighter for women's rights, a leader of women workers and a public activist.
She founded and taught in a Hebrew school for girls. 

The Israel Electric Corporation marks 100 years since founding. The company had a long way from the first diesel operated power station on 1923 to the 2000's using natural
gas, a cleaner fuel for producing electricity.


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1. Jerusalem of Gold
2. 2020 Memorial Day
3. 25 Years of Relations With Vatican 
4. 50 Years of Jersusalem Reunification
5. Home Prayer
6. The Revelation At Mount Sinai
7. Meetings of Peace
8. Ketubba - Marriage Contract

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