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Your HOME for Israel stamps

Eilat is located at the southernmost point of Israel near to the Red Sea. The number of its inhabitants is almost 80 thousand. Ramon Airport is 20 km away.
International conferences are held in the city on various topics, and a Jazz festival is held in the city every year.

The Highlights of 2022 year set

The house of David inscription
The Revelation At Mound Sinai
Mediterranean Shells

High Holiday


  EPC stands for Eilat Philatelic Club. It opertates since more than five decades. Its location on the tax free city of Eilat gives the customers the privilege to purchase new issue stamps at 17% (VAT) below official price.

  We supply all varieties of Israel
stamp products to worldwide Israel stamp collectors since 1965.


   A considerable part of customers
enjoy a continuous service of 40
years which proves the quality of

our service.

  We ship internationally for a cheap shipping charge.
Excluding ECO and EMS letters.


  With over 55 years  experience and a complete satisfaction guarantee you can buy confidentaly from us
while taking full responsibility
for keeping your privacy.


  Our aim is making your experience shopping the best. So the site is carefully built to make it easily and effectively to navigate in. This is a site that is very easy and fast to find your way around.


Cactus family

Scuba diving sites in Israel

   Complete 2022 year set (mint tabs and souvenir sheet) only US$ 73