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Latest stamp news                                Issue date: 7 May 2024


  • 2023 Complete year set
    with souvenir sheet  US$ 75

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7 May 2024 issue date   

Olympic Games
On Paris
Plus FDC
 US$ 13.80
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Memorial Day
Plus FDC
US$ 2.80
Free shipping


ZAKA  Rescue
Plus FDC
 US$ 10.80
Free shipping

Israeli Romania
Plus FDC
US$ 5.60


                           Festivals 1952                               Maccabiade 1950      Negev 1950
                          US$ 28 US$ 22                               US$ 55 US$ 42    US$ 155 US$ 120
                             Festivals 1950  US$ 42  US$ 34         Independence 1951 US$ 32  US$ 24

 100 Years to the Chief Rabbinate  
US$ 18  
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Unbeatable prices

  • 2020 complete year set US$ 70
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  • h

    2021 complete year set US$ 70

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    2022 complete year set US$ 70
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  • Israel collection from
    1991 to 2000
    mint with tabs and souvenir sheets never hinged at the bargain price of
       US$ 330



  • Jersey
    1990 to 1996
    Mint stamps with
    souvenir sheets and booklets
    US$ 59.90

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  • 2022 Wildlife animals
    US$ 14
    Free shipping
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    2022 Christian for Israel Mint sheeUS$ 36
    Free shipping

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The Bible Stories
Nice collection of
70 mint stamps and 7 souvenir sheets telling the Bible stories on Israel stamps.
US$ 74 
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  •   EUROPA
      78 FDC's 1958-1964
        US$ 156  US$ 56
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  Baron Edmond de Rotchild
  Israel embroidery 
  Israel security agency
  Hostels in Israel
  Joint issue Israel-India
  Memorial Day
  Olympic games in Paris
  50th for Ramat Gan Safari
  Joint issue Israel-Romania
  50 th for open university
  Olympic games
  Nature authority
  The national library
  Joint issue Israel Uzbekistan
  Community garden
  Hecht Museum
  Histolic hotels
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