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The Hobby of the Kings


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This picture appears in Italian philatelic magazine about thirty
years ago in which a lady is seen wearing most of the
very valuable stamps



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Anecdotes on stamp collections

The embroidere stamp from Switzerland

In June 2000, Switzerland issued the world's first embroidered stamp.
The stamp is designed with polyester threads embroidered on a satin fabric that is also made of polyester threads. In the process of embroidery, a three-dimensional stamp is created. The process of making the stamp was complex because it was created on a sewing machine and consists of several stages of colors .

Murder on the background of a stamp

 A French stamp collector was found dead in his home. The police
 investigator was also a hobby stampe suggested that the murder might be related to man's hobby. After checking it was discovered
that a Hawaiian stamp (rare and expensive) was missing and it was
in the possession of the killer.

Swiss chocolate  

On the occasion of International Chocolate Day, we present here
a stamp issued by Switzerland on May 9, 2001 to mark 100 years of the Swiss chocolate industry. They enlarged and printed the stamps with a special layer of chocolate-scented ink.

Did you Know ?

It's the world's first postage stamp. Issued on May 1, 1840,
in Great Britain , the "Penny Black" stamp helped England
dig itself out of the costly and convoluted mess that was
paid postage. Before the Penny Black, the price of mailing
a letter varied depending on distance and the number of
sheets in the envelope. And rates weren't cheap, either. 
But here's the kicker: All mail was sent collect meaning
addressees often turned away the mailman because
they couldn't pay the cost. 
Consequently, thousands of
letters traveled the world in vain, never to be opened.

The stamps that stick without a lic

Finally, in the 1960s, the South Pacific island kingdom of Tonga broke the mold when it printed a series of self-adhesive stamps. Collectors went crazy for them. In fact, they became so popular that most countries followed Tonga's lead.

The stamps made on stolen maps

Latvia suffered devastating damage during the war.
Factories were destroyed or moved to Russia, and paper
was in short supply. So when the young nation got ready
to print its first national stamps, postal officials got creative
and used the blank backs of German military maps and unfinished banknotes. Indeed, if you look on the underside
of some Latvian stamps from this era, you'll see a tiny sliver
of a military map used by the Germans during World War I.

Stamp "Reverse Dundermonde"

In 1920, Belgium issued a stamp dedicated to the ancient town
hall of Dendermonde, which was built in the 14th century.
The stamp was issued in an amount of 10 million copies. 
A few
days after the sale of the stamps to the public began, the officials 

at the post office noticed that there was a malfunction in one of the sheets, and the center of the stamp was printed upside down.
The sale of stamps was stopped, but it turned out that the officials managed to sell 18 stamps. The wrong stamp was nicknamed the "Reversed Dundermonde".
According to the rumor, two of these stamps were lost when a
famous stamp collector was murdered in 1942. If you want to purchase one of these you will have to part with a modest
sum of 75,000 euros.



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