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Inverted Declaration of Independence: $1,611,400

most valuable stamps inverted declaration of independence - Luxe Digital
If you have ever seen Fourth of July celebrations, you know how passionate some Americansare
about their independence. That was also the case in 1869 when this batch of stamps was created,

depicting the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776. 

Inverted Jenny: $1,627,700
most valuable stamps inverted jenny - Luxe Digital
Only one single sheet of 100 stamps was created, with mainly single examples existing today.
Two blocks of four are also known to exist. A single 1918 Inverted Jenny sold at auction for $1,351,250
in 2016, equivalent to $1,627,700 today. 


Baden 9 Kreuzer Error: $2,014,200
most valuable stamps baden 9 kreuzer error - Luxe Digital

Contrasting the otherwise orderly reputation of Germany, this stamp is special due to a mistake that
happened in 1851. The Baden 9 Kreuzer stamp should have been printed in pink color, but somehow
green ink slipped in which was intended for use on 6 Kreuzer stamps, creating one of the most valuable
rare stamps wanted by collectors

Alexandria Blue Boy: $2,035,500

most valuable stamps alexandria blue boy - Luxe Digital

Most stamps from the United States are issued by the federal government, but this valuable stamp was
issued shortly before the federal government began doing so. Buying one would have turned even the most valuable nickels into treasure.

The Whole Country Is Red: $2,302,700

most valuable stamps the whole country is red - Luxe Digital

Once again, a mistake has turned an otherwise normal stamp into one of the most valuable stamps.
Made to commemorate the Chinese Cultural Revolution, this stamp includes a worker, farmer, and
soldier all carrying a copy of the Selected Works of Chairman Mao.

Two Penny Blue: $2,322,400

most valuable stamps two penny blue luxe digital

If you want to get one of the earliest stamps ever collected, then look no further. The Two Penny
Blue is the world’s second official postage stamp, coming behind the legendary Penny Black. The
Two Penny Blue was meant for heavier items and was used less often than the Penny Black

Sicilian Error of Color: $2,570,600

most valuable stamps sicilian error of color - Luxe Digital

The 1859 Sicilian Error of Color was supposed to be orange but instead was printed blue.
There are only two known to be in existence today, making it one of the most valuable rare stamps
wanted by collectors. 

Swedish Treskilling Yellow: $4,238,000

most valuable stamps swedish treskilling yellow - Luxe Digital

Another top spot in the list of the most valuable stamps to look out for is held by a misprinted example.
he 1855 Swedish Treskilling Yellow was part of Sweden’s first postage stamps ever produced and should
have been printed in green. The mistaken yellow copies are down to one in existence today, a pristine
example of the rarest stamp in the world.

 Benjamin Franklin Z Grill: $4,441,000

most valuable stamps benjamin franklin z grill - Luxe Digital

This stamp from 1868 was part of a small batch with a Z Grill pattern of horizontal z-shaped indentations.
It is now part of an extremely exclusive club of stamps, with only two examples around today.
One is permanently held at New York Public Library’s Miller Collection, while the other is one of
the most valuable rare stamps wanted by collectors. 

British Guiana 1 Cent Magenta: $11,601,700

most valuable stamps british guiana 1 cent magenta - Luxe Digital

The 1856 British Guiana 1 Cent Magenta is known to have one in existence and is the only major
postage stamp missing from Britain’s Royal Philatelic Collection. Originally intended for use in local
newspapers, the 1 Cent Magenta was produced as an emergency solution due to adelayed
stamp shipment.

Mauritius Post Office Stamps: $12,760,600

most valuable stamps mauritius post office stamps - Luxe Digital The Mauritius Post Office stamps are the most 
expensive stamps in the world.At first glance, you might think the Mauritius Post Office stamps are the 
same as other British stamps from the era. But these are distinct because they are the first British stamps created outside of Great Britain. 

One of the most expensive Israel items on sale is a stamp from 1950, which includes the original post office symbols of a camel, the Negev, and a drawing of Eilat. Up for sale in the US, the item costs  ($15,000).
5 april 2022

Who owns the world’s most valuable stamp?

Shoe designer Stuart Weitzman is known to be the owner of the British Guiana 1856 1 Cent Magenta,
which was the world’s most valuable stamp at the time he purchased it. There is extremely limited
information about who owns the most valuable stamps of the Mauritius 1847 Post Office.