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Why join the Eilat Philatelic Club ?
No handling charge and no additional cost. Cancel subscription anytime. Your mail is posted with commemorative stamps. New issues are delivered with informative brochure at our own risk and when replacement we pay two ways postage. You have the option to  receive the stamps once a year.  Buy now pay later. You can expect a friendly service, full refund guaranteed for any reason.
Big saving: Pay for the new issues 17% below official price !

Exclusively at Eilat Philatelic Club !
Eilat is a free tax city, so you don't pay the 17%
value added tax.
Useful information
    Shipping: The Club makes three shipments a year : April, September and November.  
Different shipping dates or once a year on request. 

    Return / replacement: There is a 30-days refund guarenteed for all purchases. 
In case of replacement the Club pays both ways shipping cost

    Privacy: The Club is committed to ensuring your privacy is completely protected.
    Ways of payment: VISA & MasterCard, check and bank transfer.
The First International Bank - Israel
Bank code: 31
IBAN: IL310.310.
Eilat Philatelic Club