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 Famous stamp Collectors

The Hobby of the Kings

Since the issuance of the Penny Black, the first pre-paid postage stamp in 1840, people have collected stamps. The focus and levels at which they collect differ, but, nonetheless, all share the world’s most popular hobby. Through stamps, schoolchildren, businesspersons, laborers, artists, and retired persons all enjoy something significant in common with royalty, entertainers, politicians, industrialists, and business giants.
Stamp collecting has been called the “Hobby of the Kings” because so many famous individuals have been avid collectors.
The list is endless and herewith some of them.

US President Dwight D.

John Lennon
(of Beatles fame)

Prince Rainier III of Monaco


US President Gerald Ford

Enrico Caruso Italian Opera Singer

Carfdinal Spellman Archbishop
of New York

Andrei Chesnokov
Russian Tennis Player

King Ferdinand I of

King Carol II of Romania

Maria Sharapova
Russian Tennis Player

 Leo Slezak Austrian
Opera Singer

Lily Pons
American Opera Singer

Simon Rosenthal
Holocaust Serviver

Charlie Chaplin
Comic Actor

King Farouk
of Egypt

Princess Maha Chakri
of Thailand


Warren Buffett
Investment Supremo

Ronnie Wood
Of the Rolling Stones

Winston Churchil
British Prime Minister


Glen Ford
Hollywood Actor

Herbert Hoover
31st US President

George Turner
Scottish Rugby Player


headshot of Jeanette C. Rudy

Jeanette C. Rudy Philantropist
and Businesswoman

King George V

headshot of Baron Takaharu Mitsui

Baron Takaharu Mitsui
Famous Japanese writer


Top 10 Interesting Facts about Anatoly Karpov - Discover Walks Blog

Anatoly Karpov
Greatest Russian chess players
  Nicolas Sarkozy | Meridian International Center

Nicolas Sarcozy
France President

Bill Gross
American Investor


Heinrich Himmler
A member of Nazi Party

Foil A. Mille
American Chemist