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Latest stamp news                                        Issue date 28 March 2023


75th Independence Day

International Mail

Meir Har Zion

100th Nesher

Memorial Day

Israel - Cyprus

Total price

US$ 20.70

Three Minisheets
75th Anniversary of Israel Independence
US$ 24.70 Free shipping




Issue date 7 February 2023

The    Traveler's    Prayer  is  recited  before  leaving on a long journey. Rabbai  Hisda wrote it in the third century in light of the dangers lurked along  travel  routes  at  that time.    
It  is  believed  that  prayers  are  answered  better  when  said by a group   requesting to avoid   danger and return  home safety.     
Travelar's Prayer Souvenir sheet

Five carnivoran species from various different families live in
the Mediterranean region of Israel. They are all endangered,
for a veriety of reasons:genetic contaminition, agricultural development, loss of habitats increased urbanization and outbreak due to human intervention, unlicensed garbage
dumps and feeding

The Standarts Institute of Israel is celebrating 100 years since its founding. It is an important and long-established institiution known for its high quality and professionalism
Total Price US$ 19.90
Free shipping worldwide



Pioneering Women

Shoshana Shababo was born in the agriculture town Zichron Yaakov in 1910. She was a prolific writer and published more than 40 short stories, newpaper editorials and two novels

Ada Fishman Maimon was a relentless fighter for women's rights, a leader of women workers and a public activist.
She founded and taught in a Hebrew school for girls. 

The Israel Electric Corporation marks 100 years since founding. The company had a long way from the first diesel operated power station on 1923 to the 2000's using natural
gas, a cleaner fuel for producing electricity.


Carnivora Animals in Israel Mini sheet 
US$ 7.90

Free shipping worldwide
When is purchused with the single stamps and souvenir sheet

Complete 2021
year set Mint tabs
& Souvenir sheet
US$ 75

Complete 2022
year set Mint tabs
& Souvenir sheet
US$ 73

Image result for Israel my own stamp chess  
Israel 2022 stamp world
team chess
  US$ 32
  Free shipping


7 FDC's   US$ 24. 80   
Free shipping worlwide

Limited time offer



 special price
only US$ 89

Free shipping

50 years Remembrance Israel Sportmen 
Munich US$ 32  Free shipping


CARMEL Israel Stamp
Catalog in both English and Hebrew languages
Very comprehensive catalog
includes all possible variations
of philatelic items.
Plus 2022 pages

US$ 74
Free Shipping


Nice collection of
 70 mint stamps and 7 souvenir sheets telling the Bible stories on Israel stamps
US$ 99
Without Song of Solomon US$ 74
Free Shipping

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